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Inoviet Dube
Inoviet Dube, Pricipal

This is the founding school that gave birth to all other Basa Schools that exist now. It was initially established as a Remedial school for the community of Johannesburg CBD. It is now a household brand amongst independent schools in Johannesburg Central and South Districts. It was established in 1993 and is still an institution of choice for many parents and learners.

Our motto is Quality Makes the Difference, as we strongly believe in delivering quality education to all our learners. This ensures that they leave our school as well-rounded, confident individuals who are able to think and question things around them, enabling them to apply their education in real-life situations.

Qualities that we expect from our learners include diligence and self-discipline. The school offers tuition from Grade R to 12. Aftercare is provided up to 18H00 on Mondays to Fridays for primary school learners.

We have a primary school and a high school situated in Eloff Street adjacent to the Johannesburg Railway Park Station in Town. Many parents and visitors have praised BASA Tutorial for having a state-of-the-art school building that their children enjoy learning in.

BASA Schools follow Christian ethos. Learners following other religious practices are advised to seek clarity from the principal about prayers at school and assembly procedures.

BASA TUTORIAL INSTITUTE is registered with the Department of Education and follows the prescribed curriculum. Learners are assessed in accordance with government standards and sit for Government National Examinations in Grade 3, 6, 9, and Matric. Registration Number: DET REG. No. A26407 and for our examinations GDE Centre No. 131920

Language Policy: BASA is an English medium school.

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Mr. Inoviet Dube

Principal Basa Tutorial Institute, Ellof Street, JHB

BASA TUTORIAL INSTITUTE offers Natural Sciences & Commerce. Learners in these streams will matriculate with Physical Science, Mathematics, Geography, and Accounting. BASA primary schools offer all learning areas. BASA Primary School learners get preference in placing into high School classes.

Learners enrolling in Grade 10 should seek advice from educators before making subject choices of any subject stream they prefer. However, learners may be persuaded to follow alternative streams based on strength and competence in certain subjects, e.g. Maths, Physics, Accounting, Social studies, etc. Proof of grade level (recent school academic report) will be required in all cases. Learners may be assessed when necessary in order to determine the grade level and subject stream to follow.


English Language Mathematics Social Science
Mathematics Life skills Natural Science
Computer Studies Additional Languages Economic Man. Sciences
Life Skills English Language Technology
Additional Languages Natural Science Mathematics
Technology Computer literacy
Social Science Life Orientation
English Home language
Afrikaans / IsiZulu


SUBJECTS OFFERED: Grade 10 to 12 (Matric)

Accounting Physical Science Agriculture Science / History
Economics Life Sciences Life Sciences
Business Studies Geography Geography
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematical Literacy
Travel & Tourism Agricultural Science Travel & Tourism
English English English
Afrikaans Afrikaans Afrikaans
Life Orientation Life Orientation Life Orientation
Computer Literacy CAT Computer Literacy
Vernacular Vernacular Vernacular
Computer studies are offered to all learners Grade 1 to Matric. At BASA TUTORIAL INSTITUTE, every child should be able to operate a computer. These lessons are offered free of charge. However, learners are required to buy computer textbooks. Please obtain textbook lists from the school.

BASA TUTORIAL INSTITUTE has prescribed textbooks in each subject/learning area. Study manuals are also prescribed in certain learning areas. It is compulsory for each learner to acquire the minimum number of textbooks. Click 2022 BASA TEXT BOOK LIST  to download the list.

Learners will be required to acquire stationery items needed to run for a full year. Please obtain the list of stationery items from the school. Each learner will be given a school diary. Click HERE to download the list.

Uniform is compulsory and must be worn in its entirety. Blazers must be worn on all school days throughout the year (this is applicable to high school learners only). Learners will NOT be allowed to enter BASA schools without a full uniform. See Learners’ Code of Conduct for more details on school uniforms. School Uniform is obtainable from:


We offer a wide range of sporting activities and all learners are encouraged to take part, either at a competitive or social level. The school has a team of 80 highly dedicated teachers who are specialists in their fields or subjects.

Address: 111 Eloff Street | Corner Plein Street | Johannesburg CBD

Email Address: info@basatutorial.co.za | accounts@basatutorial.co.za

Tel: (011) 336-1771 | (011) 336-8843 | Fax: (011) 337-7668