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Hector Meko
Hector Meko, Principal

This school is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education as an Independent School offering classes in Grade R -7.

We follow a Public National Curriculum (CAPS) Policy as in all grades prescribed by the Department of Basic Education. Our medium of learning and teaching is English. Other languages are offered as additional Languages. At the moment our First Additional Language is only AFRIKAANS.

BASA is a Christian School and as such, all the activities are within the confines of the Christian laws and ordinances as well as the Laws of the Republic. We aim to foster moral growth in our learners as responsible citizens, law-abiding and knowing their duty and responsibility in the community at large. It is in this regard that learners of other faiths are advised to seek clarity on religious practices at the school, before enrolling to avoid inconveniences in the near future. It is our duty to make learners aware of God’s laws and ordinances of living and worship.

At BASA, every opportunity is used to develop children holistically. Through service and worship, the spirituality of learners is natured so that they learn respect, tolerance, and humility. Emphasis is also put on recognizing the right to learn as being one of the most important rights of learners.

BASA has also asserted itself as a sports giant not only at Cluster level or District but Provincial level as well. The Institution aims at the holistic development of our learners through sporting, social, moral, academic, and physical.

The establishment of low fee-paying schools in the townships was a response to the need to bring better quality education to the people. In all its activities as a school, BASA seeks to honour God, Honour others, honour self, honour the school, honour society and the environment at large.

BASA aims to whet the appetite for knowledge and encourage academic excellence in its endeavours as well as other extra-curricular activities and leave an indelible mark in the academic arena.

BASA TUTORIAL INSTITUTE PROTEA GLEN PRIMARY SCHOOL is registered with the Department of Education and follows the prescribed curriculum. Learners are assessed in accordance with government standards and sit for Government National Examinations in Grade 3, 6, 9, and Matric. Registration Number: DET REG. No. and for our examinations GDE Centre No.

Language Policy: BASA is an English medium school.

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Mr. Hector Meko

Principal at Basa Tutorial Institute Protea Glen Primary School

Enrolment is open to all parents who opt for private tuition for their children at a fee. School-going learners are children at ages as determined by education authorities. Learners should be 6 years of age or turning 6 by the 30th of June to enroll in Grade 1. Otherwise, younger learners will be referred to Grade R, dependent on the age of the learner.

The enrolment process begins with filling out the Admission Application Forms. Each learner is required to fill an Admission Application Form. Please ensure that Application Forms are returned to BASA well in time. Filling and returning of Admission Application Forms on its own does not guarantee admission at BASA. Parents that opt to enroll children at BASA are expected to be in a financial position to pay school fees. Parents will be required to state their financial legibility to pay school fees as part of the application process. In all cases, applications will be attended to on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

Completed Admission Application Forms should be returned to BASA together with the required accompanying documents that are listed on the Admission Forms. At this stage, the approval process will commence. A Learner Admission Contract shall be issued to applicants when completed Application Forms are handed in together with all relevant attachments. No application process is complete until a letter of admission is issued. Where admission is not granted, applicants shall be placed on a waiting list.

Please consider the following basic policies before enrolling:

BASA Tutorial Institute (Protea Glen) follows Christian ethos. Learners of other religious faith are advised to seek clarity from the principal about religious practices, prayers, and assembly procedures.

BASA Tutorial Institute (Protea Glen) follows the public national curriculum (CAPS) throughout the grades. Learners are assessed in accordance with the National Assessment Policy. However, BASA sets its own standards and benchmarks that may differ from the ones in the National Assessment Policy. All BASA learners sit for Government National Examinations in all grades Grade 1 to 7, including the Annual National Assessment.

  • Language Policy: BASA is an English medium school. Other languages are offered as second additional languages.
  • Cultural Policy: BASA enrols learners from all cultural backgrounds found in the Republic. Although Arts and Culture are taught as a Learning Area, cultural activities are inculcated to learners to keep cultural practices alive.
  • Sporting Policy: All learners are encouraged to participate in sports of their choice and strength. BASA affiliates to sporting leagues and tournaments at all levels, within GDE districts, and at the National level.
  • Many other policies are enshrined in the code of conduct of learners and other school policies in administration as well as in corporate governance of the school and its related entities.

BASA Tutorial Institute (Protea Glen) is a primary school. BASA offers all learning areas as prescribed by the National Department of Basic Education. These learning areas are listed in the table of subjects provided below.


English Language English Language English Language Economic Management Sciences
Additional Languages (Grade 1-3) Additional Languages Additional Languages Technology
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Computer literacy
Life Skills Natural Science (incl. Technology) Natural Science
Computer Literacy Social Science Social Science
Life skills Life Orientation
Computer literacy
Computer Literacy is offered to all learners Grade 1 to 7 Only learners that are competent in computer studies may enrol for CAT.

BASA has prescribed textbooks in each subject/learning area. Study manuals are also prescribed in certain learning areas. Learners are required to acquire textbooks and stationery items needed for use during the year. A list of textbooks and stationery items is obtainable at the admin office.

Click 2022 BASA PROTEA SCHOOLS TEXT BOOK LIST to download the Textbook List.

Click HERE to download the Stationary list.

Uniform is compulsory and must be worn in its entirety. No learner will be allowed to enter school premises or participate in school activities without a full uniform. See Learners Code of Conduct for more details on school uniforms. Uniform is obtainable from:


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