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It is a pleasure to welcome all parents, staff and learners to the BASA Wellness Department. Our mission centres around challenging, developing, and meeting the psychosocial needs of every learner and staff member.

Our system of inclusive Psychosocial Care has been carefully designed in order for us to know each child and staff member individually. It enables us to support staff in their duties and to help and guide students through any issues that may be affecting their progress.

The Wellness team supports learners and staff, to ensure each individual is able to perform to their full potential in a safe environment. If a learner is experiencing any academic, personal or emotional difficulties, members of the Wellness Team can offer guidance and support. Therefore, staff and parents are encouraged to contact the team using the contact details below, if they have any concerns in order to maintain a two-way dialogue between school and home and to ensure any issues learners may have, should be successfully resolved.


Duduzile Makgathu

(Director of the Wellness Department)(Psychiatric Practitioner) on behalf of Wellness Team.

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