Our mission is to provide disadvantaged, disabled children and youth with access to education; vocational skills training, employment opportunities, and necessary support services. Thereby facilitating their integration into mainstream society and providing them with opportunities to participate in the economy. The aimed outcome of our program is employable youth and young entrepreneurs.

Code of Conduct

At Basa, students are treated with respect, recognized as individuals, and encouraged to develop self-discipline.

This Code of Conduct aims to facilitate a disciplined and purposeful school environment, dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of education. Furthermore, this Code aims to instill a value system that will serve our students well beyond their school days.

The Code of Conduct also aims to ensure that the school’s curricular and extracurricular programs are executed in the most orderly way possible to create a climate in which teaching and learning can take place effectively.


  • The Basa Code of Conduct is guided by the following principles in its Constitution, set out under the aims of the school.
  • To assist students in building the strength of character and an appropriate value system.
  • To encourage students to make informed choices, and to accept responsibility for those decisions and their consequences.
  • To provide a flexible approach to discipline with the aim of developing students as self-disciplined individuals.