We started with a school called Freedom Community College that was established in 1993, though established in 1992 in order to serve the educational needs of largely the previously disadvantaged members of our society. It came up at the time when the idea of private education in our communities was gaining popularity. Initially, it offered a broad curriculum to accommodate diverse career goals of learners, characteristic of a democratic, none racial education environment. The school has been very successful in delivering this curriculum blend; year-in- year out; large numbers have been enrolled and sat for matriculation examinations. The hallmark of our success as a school has been an enviable average pass rate of 97% plus maintained since 2007.

Organization Overview

Basa employs 160 dedicated staff members who work throughout our 5 sister schools in Johannesburg, providing basic education to up to 7000 children.

General Information

We offer:

  • Remedial school with specialized education for Grades R-12
  • Practical Skill Focused Subjects: Mathematics, Business Economics, and Commercials Sciences at our high schools.
  • Basic Education Provider accredited by the Department of Basic Education and Training Gauteng.


The Department of Education awarded Basa Tutorial Institute a special recognition for Outstanding Academic Results in 2005 for Senior Certificate Exams.